• Understanding Relationship Failure

    From The Garden To Now


     In this life, we will develop thousands of relationships. Some of them may be as short as the 30 seconds that it takes when you exit a business establishment and hold the door for someone as they smile back and greet you with a cheerful hello. The key is understanding how to make every relationship (regardless of how  minimal it may seem) matter in the presence of God's purpose.

    Who We Are

    The Messengers

    After 50 years of life we seem to believe that we understand the major factors by which we have come this far. But as for us reality slapped Us in the face and revealed that the only way to truly understand the missing factors in successful relationships is to go back even as far as the Garden of Eden. We are truly grateful to God for the revelations of unity that he is imported into our marriage, and we are even more grateful that he is entrusted us to bring these Revelations to his people.

    The Doctrine

    I Timothy 4:1 says Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. With this in mind I tell you that the most important thing when it comes down to Doctrine is understanding the foundation of all that God established. With that in mind let me say that we believe there is one God and Father, one Lord and savior, and one Doctrine by which we all should be partakers of God's love one through another.

    The Mandate

    The Mandate set before us though it sounds so good can be one of the most oppressive things to bring into the life of many Christian and non-christians. The reality of it is that many who say they know God do not have the relationship with him that they believe they do. The only way that truth can be revealed to the heart of any man is that he first surrender what he thought to be true the scriptures tell us that there is a way that seemeth right to man but the end thereof is destruction.


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