The Messengers

Apostle John Morton-Prophetess Brenda Morton

     In a world where the prophecies of Jude have become a normality within the Christian fellowships, how do we find the words to reveal who we are in a manner that separates us from the financial heresies that are most often in the midst of most ministries? I can begin by telling you that a journey into the revelations of who we are in ministry is not a pathway that will earn most of your friendships.

     In order to find the truth, one must first be willing to forgo that which he once believed to be truth. The scriptures warn us that there is a way that seems right to MAN, but the end thereof is destruction. The only reason why a way of destruction would seem right is because it serves the lust of the flesh, and we refuse to admit that our source of information was either corrupted, or a lie all together. For too many the mercies of God as revealed through Christ Jesus will remain a mystery; all because they trusted in man rather than the revelations of God's Holy Spirit.

     It is with an abundance of joy that we stand today in remembrance of the journey we have taken together. A journey of acknowledging the ways in which we chose to hinder the relationship that God desired to have with us. A journey that had to be taken to avoid the prophecies of a reprobate mind. A journey out of the manifestations of a lustful flesh; even in the sight of God. A journey through the corridors of our own hearts that helped us to understand that we never really knew God the way that He desired us to.

     For many of us there is no acknowledgement of a failed relationship with the Father; all because of the belief that we have gotten it all together. Therefore we do not seek SPIRITUAL growth, we just expand the intellectual. The true son's of God have an ongoing reverential fear, and a nonstop desire to hear from the Father on their next level of requirement. NEVER BELIEVING THAT THEY HAVE ARRIVED, but always striving for greater commitment to the Fathers will.

The fullness of our desire is to compel you to take the journey of self assessment as we have. A journey that is not based on what you see and feel, but what the God of all creation will have to say about where you are. you desire to know who are we?

Then test the Spirit by the Spirit and see whether it be of God. The messenger need not prove a thing, God will reveal Himself.